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Mini Candles and Colors

MCAP Apricot - Strength and Joy
MCAG Apple Green - Healings & New Beginnings MCBK - Black -  Absorbs negative energy
MCBL Blue - Meditation
MCBR Brown - Earth, animals & grounding
MCCR - Cranberry -  Love, passion, & courage MCLA Lavender - Intuition & dreams
MCLB - Light Blue - Clear Commuication & balance MCOR Orange - Strength, success, & attraction MCPI Pink - Happiness, self-love & esteem
MCPU Purple
- Spirituality, wisdom, & intuition  MCRC Red (Cherry) - Physical world & community  MCWH White - Clarity & protection
MCYE Yellow - Clairvoyance & communication 

Box of 14 candles with chart included.  $8.00 per box 

Mini Candle Holders
White porcelain - $2.00
Red Glass Heart -  $2.50 Colbalt Blue Star - $2.50
Glass candle holder w/handle $4.25
Hand Blown Glass Lanterns
VHOM - Om  -  Purple /Gold
VHLL - Long Life  - Red/Gold
VHCH - Chenrezig - Red 
(om manae padme om)  13.00 ea.
Abalone Shell With Wooden Tripod -  $13.00
Aluminum Stones With Affirmations
Carry in your pocket or place in a
specific area of the Bagua in a room
Coins can also represent the metal element.   3 stones in organza bag.  $9.00 or $3.00 ea.
Baby White Sage Bundles
Organic mountain grown 3" bundles
Use for cleansing and purification.
Red Envelopes with design on front 
Place a wealth affirmation in the envelope, chinese coins, etc. and
place in the wealth corner of
the Bagua to create prosperity. 
5 for $1.00
Designs on envelopes will vary.
Prosperity Coin
Hanging ball made of Chinese coins.  Ready to hand with hook. $8.00
Brocade pouches 2" x 3" with 6 coins.  $8.00
Pouch colors will vary.  Carry with you, or place in the wealth corner of the Bagua.
Smudge Feathers
Handmade by Native Americans.
One of a kind feathers are used in smudge ceremonies to distribute purifying sage smoke.  Crafted with leather beads or arrowhead, and naturally-gathered feathers from the macaw, peacock, turkey, parrot, grouse and more (assorted only) No animal was killed to obtain these feathers.  $18.00
Chakra Candles - 2" x 6.5" - $11.00